did you see sam pepper's sexual assault "prank"? it's horrible

I haven’t seen it but I’ve seen a lot of negative response to it. I don’t feel the need to watch it as it sounds like something I should boycott regardless.

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I need to get a life

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I don't even know what you look like, and I had a dream that I went to England to visit you and you had strawberry blonde hair and rectangle glasses. Am I close?

Aww this is cute but I’m afraid that’s not at all what I look like :p if you go to /tagged/selfie you can see though (at your own risk, I might look really hot in your imagination and my selfie would smash the illusion)

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If Blake and Dylan O'Brian ever collaborated on any movie, that would be the best movie I would ever in history see.

That would be amazing! Tbh I’m just hoping they meet through Melissa and Dylan’s gf doing The Longest Ride together 😍

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I sure wish fyeahgleeclub would post the news about Melissa's new movie instead of photos of cast member's dogs!!! Seriously?!? SHE Melissa directly tweeted about it! It's not like they even had to do much looking to find out! And blake even favorited it which I thought was so cute :)

It’s gotten to the point where I sarcastically applaud anytime fyeahgleeclub takes notice of the newbies…

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Warning that tomorrow I’m finally moving into my new house back at uni for the academic year and we’re not having our wifi installed until Wednesday or Thursday (!!!) so my activity will be erratic as I’ll be relying on whatever 3G I have or free hotspots if possible. I will definitely be online a bit though cos you know I wouldn’t survive without tumblr for that long :p

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Yeah what the last anon said its kinda true and also Melissa always hangs out with Blake's family and friends and goes with him to Miami but we never see Blake hanging with Melissa's family and Friends or going to Colorado with her


I’m a little tired of people bitching to me about Blake not doing this or that/not being good enough for Melissa because of this and that…because that’s what you’re saying, basically.

Firstly I’m going to address what I’m sure has prompted this latest batch of moaning which is Melissa’s solo trip to Colorado the past couple of days; it’s highly likely that this trip has been previously unplanned and thrown together very recently as a way for Melissa to spend some comforting time with her family after what has been, let’s face it, probably (hopefully, as in hopefully she hasn’t had worse), the shittiest 3 weeks of her life. There is no evidence of her sisters significant others being on this trip. Kristina’s Instagram states it was a trip with her ‘favourite girls.’ It is clearly a trip between the 3 sisters only. Blake hasn’t just ditched it. He’s likely letting Melissa be comforted by her family.

Now onto a more general note. As I said, I’m done with people getting at blake for every tiny thing. Some of you think that nothing he can ever do will ever be good enough for Melissa. First of all, news flash, Melissa doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest by the things you all whine about.

Secondly, the reason we see more evidence of Melissa going with him to Miami than him going to Colorado is that Blake’s family use social media about 10x more than Melissa’s- and there’s more of them. Also, for the billionth bloody time, we cannot judge their entire lives based on twitter or Instagram!!!! They’ve probably made trips to both Colorado and Florida without us even knowing anything, because they don’t document every waking move publicly! Just because something hasn’t been tweeted about, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened, idk why this is such a difficult concept to grasp.

Thirdly, what the fuck do you people want blake to do to prove himself to you? ( not that it’s any of your or our business.) tweet ‘I love Melissa Benoist’ everyday? Instagram a video of him licking her shoes clean? Build a bridge, get over your dumb vendetta against Blake or go talk to a jelissa blogger, I’m sure they’ll be much more welcoming of your pedantic views.

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Is it just me or do you notice the only time Blake ever hangs out with friends is when Melissa is away? Or if anything majority of the time they are with Blake's family when they are in town or they go to Miami? You hardly see any of Melissa's family even though they live in Colorado? Or if not even that their just with each other? Ok, and if they are with friends together majority is Blake's friends like for an event or something? Just what I noticed.

I’m 110% sure that Blake doesn’t /only/ hang out with his friends when Melissa is away. I’m not entirely sure if you’re suggesting something bad or not? Don’t forget that what they and people close to them post on twitter or Instagram represents about 1% of their life.

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Ryder Lynn + Alphabet 

(Special thanks to viviennewilde for helping me with all these words. You rock!)

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